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Article - Wedding Music that Makes or Breaks the Party!

Written by: AAWP - "Jewels by Jan"

This week we'd like to ask you a two-part question:
1. If you're hosting a wedding, what's the most important element of the reception?

2. And if you're a wedding guest, what impacts you the most?

The answer is simple: The music! Music can make or break the party and finding the best music within your budget should be a top priority.

A bride-to-be once emailed AAWP and said:

"Our families haven't seen each other in ages, so we see our wedding as a chance to reunite ourselves and our families. Our reception is going to be like a big family reunion, and we're going to play chamber music so that people can sit and chat and get to know each other again!"

Now let's imagine that you're one of the wedding guests who is about to sit at a table for four hours trying to make small-talk with people you don't know-while surrounded by violins. How long do you think you'll stay before you make an excuse to leave?

So here's the advice we gave to our bride-to-be:

A wedding reception is a celebration, not a coffee klatch or a family reunion. Weddings are a time to have fun and celebrate! Music and dancing have always been an integral part of the festivities and today, there's no excuse NOT to have wonderful music. DJs are affordable and a good DJ can really make a party hop!

Ask your recently married friends and relatives for referrals for good entertainment because weddings are not a time "to let your fingers do the walking." When you find a DJ or band, etc. you like, ask for references and check them out-because music makes or breaks the party-or should we say the reception.

Happy Weddings!

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